"There comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy's life when he has araging desire to go and dig somewhere"

Quote from US publisher, writer and lecturer - Mark Twain taken from ' 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'. I'm an 'average Joe' and it was my turn to find out if stories I heard as a small child were true..


Today, there are more people finding lost wartime artifacts and treasure across Europe each year than people winning lottery jackpots...

In 1945, Germany and its allies were surrendering. Gold and anything of value was being looted on an unprecedented scale. Most loot would be lost forever but I had a wartime diary with a few clues of where to look. I'd start my own search and meet some colourful characters and cities on the way...


All the tools you need for a good treasure hunt are free or nearly all..

I'd check the British Museum, Imperial War Museum, The German Federal Archives and a lot of other places.

Then I'd take a metal detector and a mini submarine fitted with an underwater camera on an unusual and exciting adventure..


A Thoroughly Modern Treasure Hunt...

I'd use technology that wasn't available to the wartime generation; such as a mini submarine with underwater camera, Google Earth, online databases of stolen art and even Estate Agent's websites to see what I could find..


Every treasure hunt should be good fun and helped by great friends...

I'd travel the width of Europe and enjoy an exciting journey unlike anything else. Click below to read extracts from the book..

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You can join in the hunt too..

My treasure hunting days have been exciting and if you want to share in the adventure read my book, in the last chapter is the wherabouts of everything I know. You can read my book for light entertainment or join in the adventure. Its your choice..

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